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BAS 2014

BAS stand for business activity statement which is related to GST obligation. This statement must be lodged quarterly or monthly depending on the levels of activity the higher the activity the shorter is the time. There is a certain income threshold in which it may be compulsory to complete. For more information regarding BAS contact our accountants for expert advice.

Cross Accountancy services provide BAS services to Australians in Australia and overseas because we take advantages of web sevices you don’t need to attend our office. Our BAS experts look with strong attention to details and resolve complex client tax issue and recommend the best solution. 

Our BAS Accountants can provide you with business advice during the completion of BAS statement therefore we encourage you to request this service when you complete this BAS activity. We specialise in preparation of small business BAS so call us now and we will answer any question you may have.

We offer our service to individuals located in Australia wide and overseas. We specialise in working with small business owners to medium size companies so call now if you have any question.

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