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Company Tax Return 2015 What You Need To Know

There are many different ways of completing a company tax return in this article I will explain you how the company tax return can be completed including the some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Complete your company tax return with Cross Accountancy Services for Year 2015
At Cross Accountancy Services we believe each client is unique thus we focus on delivering a tailor made company tax return solution and ensue you receive one of the best company tax returns. Our company accountants will help you understand how the tax law applies to you and your company. 
We employ specialist accountants and we assign the right accountant who holds special industry knowledge and experience in order for you to receive the best company tax return. We have industry experience and we offer our services to the following professionals:

  • Transport,
  • Day Care,
  • Car wash,
  • Builders, Handy Man and Property Developers,
  • Car Dealers,
  • Medical,
  • Travel and Truism, including Hotels,
  • IT Consultants,
  • Property Investors,
  • Superannuation Brokers,
  • Teachers,
  • Marketing Agency and Media Agency,
  • Furniture and Cabinet Makers,
  • Others call us to find out more.

We employ specialist accountants and we assign the right accountant who holds specialist industry knowledge and experience in order for our clients to receive the best company tax return. We have special industry experience and we offer the following services:

  • P and L statements (statement of financial performance),
  • BAS statements for GST and PAYG services,
  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position),

We can also assist with the following services;

  • Business Consultancy,
  • Strategic business planning,
  • Marketing and adverting advise,

We provide the most popular tax returns services as you don't need to attend our office or book an appointment. You simply send us your details via email, fax, or mail from the comfort of your own home or office and our accountants will guide you and advice you through the process from Sydney.

Other Agencies
The first step is to ensure the agency is a registered tax agent. The agency is deemed to be registered tax agent if they are listed in the Australian government tax Agent's Board. The registration number will be clearly showing in the certificate. Tax agents registration certificate must be displayedin order for the clients to verify they are registered tax agent. The second step is to ensure tax agent members hold solid qualification such as university qualification. The most important qualification you look for is Master of Tax Law. Other qualification include Bachelor Degree in Business major in Accounting, Master Degree with major in Accounting,  Other very good qualification is Master of Business Administration (MBA) with major in Accounting.  The third step is to be certified by accounting  body certification and this may include The Institute of Chartered Accountants (CPA), National Tax Accountants Association NTAA, Institute of public Accountants IPA and CPA. Finally is to read some reviews about the firm, this can be obtained by reading their website testimonials or reviews such as Google reviews and local business directories' reviews such as Ecommerce Local, True Local, and Yellow Pages. Be watchful for reviewers details as many firms pay for fake reviews. There are many companies who will review your firm for certain amount of fees. A good review comes from trusted sources such as your friends and relatives through word of mouth.

The main advice I can provide you is to perform evaluation and reassessment of your accounting firm performance. This is simply done through assessing the following key areas:

  • Service quality: were the services completed on time? or they delayed your work by simply giving you excuses.
  • Fees: did your accountant over charge you? you may compare their fees with other agencies you have done business with before. Other ways is to check with your business partners and friends about how much do their accountant charge them?
  • Professionalism: Is your accountants performing illegal activities? or encouraging you to perform illegal activities in order for them to save you some money? well it is always good to ask yourself if this accountants is willing to risk being in serious trouble with the ATO in order to look good by saving you some money. Then how hard is for this accountant to rip you off? My recommendation is to seek an accountant who encourage you perform ethical and high standard business activities where your profile is well presented in the ATO department. You will be able to sleep well at night and you know that if you ever being audited and there are no issues.
  • Advice: The good firm may offer you tax advice and other advices in order for you to gain financial benefits.

Having your company tax return done by amateurs is very risky operation due to number of issues that may create. There are many amateurs that can lodge your company tax return however they are not registered and they don't have the right qualification to perform professional company tax return. Amateurs are very successful in gaining new customers by luring them to do their company tax return for major discount and major financial gain. Many of our clients or x clients who fell for such a scam ended up paying huge penalties for the ATO department after they were audited. Which make the matter worst for us as we will go through the process of defending such a client after they find out they are in serious trouble. The penalty objection process with the ATO is time consuming and may not result in positive outcome. Also the time that our speciality need to defend such a client may subsequently resulting in paying more fees. Generally all the amateurs are not registered tax agent therefore they use your own log in detail. In another word they lodge your company tax return in your behalf and not on behalf of the registered tax agent. Hence it will be difficult to track and prove such a scam. Therefore it is better to play it safe and have your company tax return completed by a professional accounting firm such as Cross Accountancy Services.

By Sargon Odisho, 15/12/2015,

Business Transformational Manager,