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Fringe Benefits Tax 2014

At Cross Accountancy Services we look at important and complex tax topic such as FBT - fringe benefits and we specialise in fringe benefits tax return. Our clients usually concern about complex tax issues such as fringe benefits on car or motor vehicles Fringe benefits therefore we encourage you to call us and let us deal with your tax issues. We offer our service to Australians in Australia wide and overseas as you don’t need to attend our office Click here for more details

Other areas include fringe benefits tax for non profit organisations. This area is usually involved using surplus revenues to accomplish its objective rather than allocate them as dividends or return.  Non profit organisations can be categorised variously: Unincorporated Associations, Co-operative Societies, Incorporated Associations, Not-for-profit Companies, and Trusts.

Furthermore to our services our accountants offer payroll fringe benefits tax return for more information we encourage you to call us for any concern and we arrange for meeting to resolve these issues.