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Individual Tax Return 2016 What You Need To Know?

If you want to do your tax return there are many things you need to know. The main advice I give you is what is the best ways of doing your individual tax return.

Let Cross Accountancy Services lodge your individual tax return for year 2015 
At Cross Accountancy Services we believe each client is unique thus we focus on delivering a tailor made tax return solutions to ensue you receive one of the best individual tax return. Our tax accountants work with our clients in order to maximise tax return and explore saving opportunities. If you have question or concern we encourage you to make an inquiry or contact us on (02) 9264 2478 otherwise book an online appointment.  We provide easy individual tax return solution for individuals who cannot attend our office. You simply send us your details via email, fax, or mail from the comfort of your own home or office and our accountants will guide you and advice you through the process from Sydney. We have served many clients across Australia and overseas this way. Click her to start your tax return now.
Individual tax return must be completed by a professional accountant. We highly recommend you to let our individual tax return experts to complete the tax return for you. This is due to the complexity of the individual tax return. In many cases of individuals who perform their own tax return, they either were unaware of potential claims or they neglected to declare income. Consequently you can easily plummet into trouble with the ATO or miss a potential generous refund. Therefore it is not worth your time and effort as you may save the tax return fee but you will be risking trouble with the tax department and losing potential refund.
Why you need Cross Accountancy Services to complete your individual tax return?

  • Qualification,

Our team members have some of the most prestige qualification and graduated from the some of the world top ranking universities including University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and Western Sydney University. The principal of Cross Accountancy Services Holds Master Degree in Tax Law, Master Degree in Accounting and a degree in Accounting. Other team members hold postgraduate degree in Accounting. Finally Master of Business Administration (MBA).  With the above qualifications it is safe to say we are highly qualified with some of most prestige qualification in the industry. Hence you can trust that our team members are qualified to increase your tax benefits. 

  • Specialist industry experience,

Our Team members have been working in the accounting area performing individual tax returns for many different professionals. Our experts have broad industry experience and no matter where you work we can still assist you with your tax return. Our current portfolio contain the below but not limited to the following list.

  • Marketing and advertising agencies,
  • Doctors and nurses,
  • Day Care,
  • Builders, Handy Man and Property Developers,
  • School Teachers and academic,
  • Automobile dealers,
  • Hotels & Motels,
  • Truck drivers,
  • All types of Consultants,
  • Car wash,
  • Property Investment,
  • All Brokers, including insurance and mortgage,
  • Others call us to find out more.

Having knowledge and experience with the above profession list will certainly give us the confidence to deal with complex individual tax return. Also most of industries may integrate with each other in term of tax law, given us the privileges to broaden our experience.

  • On time delivery,

Have you been submitting your details to the tax accountants only to tell you they have not yet completed your tax return yet ? At Cross Accountancy Services we endeavour  to complete your tax return as soon as we receive your details we generally don't delay any individual tax return. We receive many thanks from our clients for on time delivery see our testimonial page. When we complete your tax return on time this mean you may receive your tax return refund sooner. Having extra cash in the bank quickly means financial advantages for you as you may quickly invest this cash in many different options, starting from term deposit to property investment.

  • Online individual tax return services,

We try our best to improve our services as we are investing in modern technology in our services to include online services and online tax return. You may send your details to us using our website click here to lodge your individual tax return. You may also use our email ( to send your details to us. Also you may contact us using Skype (CrossAccountancyServices). Another way to contact us is phone number (02 9264 2478). Having your tax return done online mean you will send us your details using online information and one of our accountants will be completing your tax return as soon as we receive your tax return details. Online tax return is one of our promises to you in order for us to provide quality services. We have been investing heavily to transform our business to be customer focused rather than profit oriented business.

  • Passion,

We have the passion for our work as we consistently try to improve our services and look for new ways to make tax return process more enjoyable. Our Principal's vision was "to produce quality accounting services". Every team member in our firm must try their best to produce the best individual tax return in term of financial benefit to our client. Our firm is expanding in term of number client. We do this by providing quality service to each client that in return they recommend our accounting firm to their relatives and friends. This strategy has been implemented day one we started our business, and we will continue to grow via client recommendation. Furthermore our client recommend our firm internationally as we have received many phone calls from overseas individuals who were willing to complete their tax return with us as a result of overseas client recommendation.

  • Commitment.

Our commitment to our client is to provide them with quality services including on time service delivery, promptly actions and reasonable fees. We will explain how the tax laws apply to you as we explore saving opportunities in order to maximize your tax and financial benefits. We encourage you to complete your tax return with our firm for the above reasons.