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Tax Advice 2014

Cross Accountancy Service was established by Virginia Odisho who holds a Master of Taxation Law from University of Technology Sydney and broad experience in business consultancy, strategies and tax planing within many industries. Virginia specialises in strategic planning techniques and supervises all tax advice provided to our clients. Also Virginia ensures that each accountant in her team is qualified to explore deep tax law topic in order to supply the best tax advice as we provide a highly personalised tax and business advisory service.

Our experience concentrate on business tax, company tax, personal tax return, FBT- Fringe benefits tax, Trusts, Partnerships, Payroll tax, Superannuation fund and more. We will help you understand how the tax law apply to you so call now and let our accountants answer your questions.

Our accountants will ensure you only pay the correct amount of tax and not a cent more. We work with our client to ensure the growth and development of business clients. Thus we can provide specialist advice in relation to the legal aspects of tax matters. We strongly advice you to book an appointment with our tax experts if you have any questions or concern regarding tax law.