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Cross Accountancy Services's Testimonials

  • I received my tax cheque the other day and was very happy with the result. Thank you very much for providing a top quality, professional and prompt service. I have recommended your services to my friends and colleagues.


  • Castax "Sydney accountants" have been in control of our financial records for the past year. During this time, Castax have endeavoured to provide professionalism and dedication in all aspects of their work. It's never an easy task for any business owner to delegate responsibilities to an external third party. Trust is earnt, never given and this was the case with Castax . On every occassion, they have provided excellent service, with flexible hours to suit our individual needs. Their communication was clear and concise, avoiding any unnecessary uses of jargon. The income tax reports delivered were verbose and informative, with a representative to guide us and help us understand every portion of the document. I look forward to many more years of quality service.


  • Top quality services for tax return with most competitive fees I have seen. I did not even make an appointment or come to your office I only needed to send you my PAYG and expenses over the email and you have completed my tax return within such a short time. I have recommended you to my friends and relatives.