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Sydney Accountants for Property Investor & Property Developers

Investing in property requires deep knowledge of the market as the market fluctuates, depending on many factors such as economy, demography, migration rate and most importantly interest rate. It is very essential to choose an experienced accountant with knowledge of local properties. Hence, Our Sydney Accountants allocate a property expert with deep local property tax knowledge including land tax, property tax, income tax and capital gain tax in order to maximise the tax benefits for your situation.

Why choose us?

  • Deep knowledge of property tax
  • Reasonable fees
  • Tailored taxation solution
  • Minimize tax and increase benefits

How much is the property accounting fee?
We currently offer top quality accounting services for a reasonable tax fee. If you have a question or inquiries please contact us or schedule a 30 min free consultation



Our property investor accountants Sydney will recommend the best strategies to maxims tax benefits, including negative gearing, and to make the most of investment cost such as depreciation, maintenance cost and other expenses.  With all the tax saving and stratigies we provide you should be on track for great wealth creation. Whether you are investing in residential or commercial property we can still provide with tailor made advice. We have established a reputation on the internet to be the best property investor accountants in Sydney.

Our services include:

  • Property Investor tax return
  • Property Investor tax advice
  • Profit and Lost statement
  • Property Investor company tax return
  • Property Investor business tax return
  • Property Investor BAS statement preparation

Below is a list of some of the professions & businesses that we can help:

Appraiser, Broker, Property manager, Lawyers, Real Estate Agent, General contractor, Architect, Property Investor, Quantity surveyor, Buying agent, Urban planner, Chartered Surveyor, Auctioneer, Claims adjuster, Real Estate Appraiser, Cleaner, Building engineer, Architectural designer, Legal secretary, Janitor, Landlord, Real estate entrepreneur.

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